Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing

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Longo’s has two different pressure washers in our fleet, both used for different types of jobs and pressure washing. One is compact and mobile which allows us to get on top of the roof. This pressure washer has a Max PSI of 1800. Our other pressure washer is used for heavy-duty jobs with a max PSI of 4400.​

Longo’s taps into your homes or business water supply via the water/hose spigot. In the event a water/hose spigot is not available we have the resources to transport our own water, however additional charges will apply.​

We’re Yuma’s Most reliable pressure washers because we provide upfront pricing, utilize the best name brand equipment, Veteran-Owned, and reliable​

Please Note:

In the event that your job requires anything above moderate chemicals. Additional charges may apply.​

Also, The higher PSI used on a surface can cause stripping of material and or irreversible damage.​

Longo’s does not clean Cars, RV’s, or Motorcycles.