Residential Services

Our experts at Longo’s Solar Lawn Windows offer several residential service to homeowners in Yuma, AZ, including solar panel cleaning, lawn maintenance, roof cleaning, window cleaning, bird proofing, and pressure washing. Learn about our plans and schedule.

Solar Cleaning

Small systems to large systems, ground systems to parking structures and everything in between, done right.


Mow, trim, weed attention, trash pick up we do it all to make sure your commercial property stands out. With our weekly visits, rest assured not one blade of grace will be out of place.


Roof cleaning includes pressure washing, scrubbing and getting in those hard to reach areas. You can count on us to be professional, timely, efficient and make sure you’re satisfied at a great price.


We provide professional interior and exterior window cleaning services in Yuma, Arizona. If your windows look dirty or faded, bring them back to life with the best cleaning services.

Bird Proofing

Not everyone needs to bird proof their solar system, however on every block there is that unlucky homeowner who somehow became the target for flocks of birds making a home on their home.


We’re Yuma’s Most reliable pressure washers because we provide upfront pricing, utilize the best name brand equipment, Veteran-Owned, and reliable​.

Don't see something listed that you need to be completed? Reach out to us to see if we can get the job done for you!