Solar Sales

Full transparency by U.S. Veteran salesmen

How Solar Works?

Solar panels capture light. The sun’s rays contain energy in the form of light particles called photons. Solar panels are made up of many photovoltaic cells that capture these photons. When sun particles enter solar panels a converter then transforms photons into clean and renewable energy that is put into your home and the electrical grid.

Why Go Solar

Save money from day 1 of activation

Long term savings

26% federal tax credit

$1,000 State tax credit for AZ residents

Reduce dependency on the electric grid

No more high electrical bills year round

Replace existing utility bill with a fixed monthly payment that allows you to build equity.

Solar is more affordable than ever!

Ways to purchase solar and qualifications

Cash payment

Or finance:

-All you need is 640 credit score or better
-Not have any negative remarks on your credit score (bankruptcy etc.)
-20-25 year low interest solar panel loan
-$0 down

Why go solar with us?

Every solar company uses similar solar panels, similar install teams and financial institutions for solar loans. The difference Longo’s provides is full transparency by a U.S. Veteran who has served our country. Locally veteran owned company with in-house install company that works with you and keeps you up to date every step of the way.

Our pricing won’t be beaten! If you’re looking for a second opinion give us a call today so we can beat their price and keep more money in your pocket!

Unlike other solar companies, we are a one-stop shop, we provide maintenance, solar bird proofing

You have full authorization to pull facts from this website as we are under contract to sell solar